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Intro: Belcar e-series is a simracing competition for European Qualifiers. You enter our Online Hotlap Competition in order to gain your ticket to the grand finals at the 24hrs of Zolder 11 and 12 august 2018.

Divisions: Participants will be placed in separate divisions by us after time trials and qualification races. Not only alien simracers can gain their ticket to the finals!

Simulator: For Time Trials and Qualification Races we will use Project Cars 2.

Drivers: Every platform is allowed to enter. PC,PS4,XBOX ONE. There will be time trial slots and qualification races from end of june until the beginning of august. We will host servers to participate in the selected races. Detailed calendar and info will be shown at our website. Make sure to check it often!

Rules: Every participant entering our Belcar e-series is agreeing to having understood the rules, and is agreeing to obeying to the rules we provide and will never doubt a decision that has been made by the ERS-crew.

Age Restriction: All participants must be over the age of 16y.

How to enter:
1. Read through the presented rulebook.
2. Register at the ERS website, accept our terms and conditions.(2 euro administration cost)
3. Take part in your preferred time trial slot.
4. There is no limitation in participating the time trials. Multiple entries are allowed.
5. Earn your seat in the Qualification Races/Grand Finals.


Following rules will be used at all time, unless otherwise specified by the organisers.

Time trial: A time trial competition will save your best eligible laptime throughout a predefined timeslot. There are unlimited attempts to raise on the leaderboard.

Qualification races: Selected drivers will be invited to our qualification races. There will be wildcards given… 64 selected drivers will participate at our grand finals during the 24hrs of Zolder. If the selected fail to show at the finals, that place will be filled with a runner-up. An additional 10 runner-ups will be invited…

-Track&Car: Track=Zolder GP with Porsche GT3 R

(a) Private sessions
(b) Max grid size defined by organisation
(c) 10min practice, 20min qualify and 60min race
(d) Fixed weather slot, original race dates and starts at 14.00hrs with real time progression.
(e) Opponents names: ON


(a) Force interior view: YES
(b) Force manual gears: YES
(c) Force authentic driving aids: YES
(d) Force default setups: NO
(f) Allow stability control: AUTHENTIC
(g) Allow traction control: AUTHENTIC
(h) Damage: FULL
(i) Tyre wear: ON
(j) Fuel usage: REAL
(k) Auto start engine: ON
(l) Flags & Penalties: ON

Match Rules

(a) Every participant has to log in within the 10min of practice session
(b) Every participant has to make sure to have a stable internet connection with low ping rates
(c) Fair play at all time! We will let the game decide on the rules and penalties, there will be NO protests being handled!
(d) The organiser can never be held responsible for any player drops, technical issues or server issues. Re-hosting is an option being decided by the organisation if possible.


(1) We demand a natural race etiquette, where participants have the knowledge how to perform in a virtual race against other drivers, and they are able to respect the rules and opponents. Race hard and clean! No race has been won in the first corner… When it happens that you collect someone, be gentle…

(2) Our crew will manage all aspects that are needed to run an organised event, and therefore not to be held responsible for anything that one has claimed! You will participate at your own risk with all these rules to be understood when signing up.

(3) Additional info and rules regarding our live event at Zolder, will be presented on our website later on.

(4) We wish every participant lots of fun and good luck, Hope to meet you in Zolder on 11&12 august 2018


The overall prize money contains 10 000 euro, divided over 2 divisions (pro's and amateurs).


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